A “Why Choose Us” page is supposed to be the place where we brag about how good we are. I don’t like to brag, but I love to give details.

Building a custom home or purchasing an existing spec home with us is a great honor. I take a lot of pride in it. When I started this business my goal was to build top quality homes for an affordable price, and I believe we have. Also, my goal was to give back on each home. When a home is sold I give a portion of it back to the community, not just my church that my family attends. This is a personal choice. Each home sale is a blessing and I feel it is the right thing to do to help others out when possible.

Another thing I set out to do is build more into each home. If you go to our home “features” page you can see what each and every home has included. Some builders do some of the same things. But to be honest I have not seen any builder include all that we do.

I have studied home construction for 18 years. I have probably been in 14,000 plus homes. I had wanted to start building some time ago, but the market was horrible and I did not think the timing was right. Plus, I have another business to run. A few years ago when I saw the market getting better I thought it was time to start. There weren’t any banks out there though that was willing to give a new builder a construction loan on a spec home. The bank that I have had for many years wasn’t even willing. After a long search, I found a banker who was willing to look at my credit. Because it was basically perfect he gave me our first construction loan. And have been using him since then.

I have consulted with energy experts on how to make our homes energy efficient without adding a lot of costs. One of the people I consult with teaches Focus on Energy for Wisconsin. He evaluated one of my homes. He stated that we would have to spend a lot more money to build a home any more energy efficient than what we do.

A real key to building a high-quality home is finding the right sub-contractors.  I believe I have. We go over the details of their work before, during and after it is completed. I try to visit the homes on a daily basis to check work also. If I see anything that doesn’t look right I ask questions and if need be I make sure it is fixed. My subs know I am picky.

Another important item is suppliers. There are a number of choices with suppliers. I have had other builders recommend other suppliers because they are less expensive. Cost is important. But what is more important is the quality of the product and how they stand behind that product. Also delivering items to the home on time and picking up extra items and being properly credited for them is very important. The supplier I use has been around for a long time, has a great reputation and good prices. My rep has been working with me for at least 10 years now with my other business and now building homes (he switched companies).

I promise I will be straight forward with you if you decide to build with us. I will accommodate when possible, and tell you when it’s not. I will keep you up to date on the schedule and make sure you are comfortable each step of the way.